Rotating bending

The rotating bending test is a fatigue test that allows to evaluate the resistance of the wheel exploiting a rotating bending moment obtained through a rotating unbalanced mass. This test reproduces a load condition to which the wheel is subject to when in use. In particular, during this test, the main stresses are developed in the central part of the wheel.

The bending test machines underwent in late 2016 a revamping process that has concerned the retrofit system, having as a result:
- increased control thanks to a parameter data acquisition system with an increased sampling frequence
- improved time history thanks to the capacity of saving parameters and tests data during the whole test performance 
- further better precision of the measuring system of the wheel bending
- increased data safety
(a project by Leonardo®)


Wheels manufacturers
Cars manufacturers
Light commercial vehicles manufacturers

Instruments / Test Machines

N° 2 Bending test machines, manufacturer: INMESS
Wheel diameters from 13” to 20”
Maximum bending moment 8000 Nm

Standard references 

The test fulfills the requirements of the majority of automobile and light commercial vehicle manufacturers.