Corrosion tests (salt spray)

The test allows to evaluate the resistance to the corrosion of the surface-treated wheel subjected to extreme conditions in order to simulate the effects occurring during its operating life.
The salt spray chamber, by acting on pressure and temperature, creates a highly corrosive environment saturated by a saline solution.
The effects of the oxidation under the protective layer is evaluated at the end of the test.


Wheels manufacturers
Suppliers of topcoat, e-coat and anti-corrosion treatment dedicated to the wheel product.

Instruments / Test Machines

Test chamber dimension 100x100x200 cm
Maximum weight allowed: 50 kg
Test parameters: 30-60°C, 1-6 bar

Standard references

The test fulfills the following standards:

Continuous tests:
ASTM B 117-73
ASTM B 368-78
ASTM B 287-74
DIN 40 046
CASS-DIN 50 021
IEC 68-2-11 Test Ka
VG 95 332 B 1 14
SS DIN 50 021
VG95 210 B1 2
MIL STD-202 d Meth101C
ESS DIN 50 021
CCTU 01-01A ESS11
ISO 9721

Cyclic tests:
UNI 9398
UNI 9590
UNI 9399
DIN 50907
DEF 1053 Meth36