Road simulation on biaxial test bench | MTS

The bi-axial test bench is the road-simulator able to apply radial and lateral loads to vary them dynamically during the test. Conditions of acceleration and braking can also be reproduced within the test procedures. The instrument is useful to evaluate in accelerated and repeatable conditions the fatigue resistance of the wheel and it is a complete support tool for the development of new products. It is also possible to mount original brakes and hubs of the vehicle with the purpose of testing them together with the wheel.
The strain-gauge test method performed in combination with the biaxial machine provides a complete overview of the stress distribution on the wheel during a drive.


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Instruments / Test Machines

MTS bi-axial test bench, model WT855, construction year 2006

Technical specification:
FZ (rad) 0÷45 kN uncertainty ±2%
FY (lat) ±25 kN uncertainty ±2%
MX1  ±100 kN uncertainty ±2%
MX2     ±100 kN uncertainty ±2%
camber   0÷30°
max rotating speed 1000 rpm

PC/SUN Workstation with dedicated MTS software

Maximum wheel dimension allowed:
Roller (D = 840 mm)           Tyre diameter 610 – 700 mm
Roller (D = 970 mm)           Tyre diameter 700 – 850 mm


License to perform tests according to the procedure Renault 32-08-051 – Bi-axial wheel tests on ZWARP machine – issued after the audit of Renault.