Road simulation on test bench

The equipment, named "dynamometric wheel", is mounted on a vehicle for measuring the loads (forces and moments) to which the wheel is subjected during the operating conditions. It is possible to perform any test path and acquire the signals from the transducer equipped in the instrumentation. From the recorded loads, specific fatigue test protocols can be created and consequently reproduced on test bench under controlled conditions in the Laboratory.
The software of the MTS test machine provides extensive programmability of the test procedure.


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Instruments / Test Machines

SWIFT® 40 Sensor
Longitudinal force (Fx) ±60 kN (±13,490 lbf)
Lateral force range (Fy) ±45 kN (±10,115 lbf)
Vertical force range (FZ) ±60 kN (±13,490 lbf)
Overturning moment (Mx) ±15 kN•m (±132,760 lbf•in)
Driving/braking moment (My) ±20 kN•m (±117,015 lbf•in)
Steering moment (Mz) ±15 kN•m (±132,760 lbf•in)


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