Shifting fork fatigue test

The test allows the shifting fork to be fatigue tested according to the FPW.MTD016 standard, applying an alternating uniaxial load to the snug. 
The fork is fixed to a tool designed by ToProveLab to replicate the actual conditions of use of the component.
Fatigue testing can be performed both for periodic production checks and to assess the impact of process changes or materials changes on the component fatigue life.
The MTS actuator can also be used for specific component fatigue testing according to customer requirements. 


Manufacturers of shifting forks.
Manufacturers of fatigue components, universities, research institutes.

Instruments - Test Machines

Actuator MTS model 242.02
Pressure rating 207 bar
Actuator nominal force 10 kN
Static stroke 18,9mm
133,4 mm


customer standard for fatigue
testing on forks