Mechanics - Fatigue behaviour characterization of materials

This system is ideal for the testing of components and materials such as plastics, elastomers, aluminum, composites, steel, super alloys and more.
MTS Landmark systems are ideal for the exacting demands of material fatigue testing. Highly stiff integrated actuator beams, patented hydraulic grips, high resolution force transducers and precision alignment fixtures combine to deliver tightly controlled and consistent through-zero specimen loading. This system performs highly accurate and repeatable low-cycle, high-cycle and advanced low-cycle fatigue testing.


Steel suppliers
Aluminium and alloy manufacturers
Universities and research institutes

Instruments / Test Machine

MTS Landmark system 370.10
Vertical test space 140 - 1283 mm
Actuator nominal force 100 kN
Hydraulic wedge grips
Axial extensometer range 10 mm
Hydraulic Power Unit flow rate 41.6 l/mm


SEP 1240
ISO 1099